Release Date: 2012
Label: Gunner Records
Catalog Number:
Format: CD / 12 inch vinyl (white, clear)
Region: Europe Exclusive


Track List:

  1. Wild, Young, And Free (prev unreleased)
  2. Get Up Let’s Go (prev unreleased)
  3. Angry All The Time (demo)
  4. Picture Perfect World (demo)
  5. Better Half (demo)
  6. Built To Last (demo)
  7. Better Days (demo)
  8. Locked, Ready, & Load (demo)
  9. Something More (prev released on Burning Bridges EP)
  10. MCA (prev released on Nobody’s Heroes EP)
  11. F.M. (prev released on Nobody’s Heroes EP)
  12. Shovel (prev released on Nobody’s Heroes EP)
  13. Bottlecaps (prev released on Nobody’s Heroes EP)
  14. Broadway (Acoustic)(prev released on The Other Side of the Coin LP)

Band Members:

  • Rob Huddleston: guitar, vocals
  • Leer baker: guitar, vocals
  • Russ Jones: drums, backing vocals
  • Chris Rupp: bass
  • Donovan Greer: bass, backing vocals
  • Matt Bedford: bass
  • Pedro Aida: guitar, backing vocals